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Why a PRK Healthy Home

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Now more than ever, we need the best in air purification and cleansing technologies. We need the best in safe water purification. We need to live in spaces with the healthiest paints and flooring materials available. 

Our goal is to set the standard in building healthy homes. We do this by introducing healthy home technologies and materials in every one of our homes. 

We believe everyone should live in home resting assured they can breath the purest air possible, drink the cleanest water and touch the cleanest and safest surfaces.

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Living healthy starts at home.

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Clean AIR

  • Air purification system
  • Air quality monitor
  • Upgraded air filtration
  • HVAC enhancements
  • Touchless, timed bathroom ventilation to inhibit mold, mildew, and micro growth
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  • Drinking water filtration system
non porous countertops


  • Smooth, non-porous countertops; easy to sanitize
  • Touchless faucets
  • Motion sensor light switches
  • UV light disinfecting bulbs
  • Hard surface flooring
  • Antimicrobial door handles
  • Low VOC paints and flooring
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Healthy DESIGN

  • Sanitization room
  • Zero entry
  • Central vacuum cleaning system
  • Enhanced foundation seal to mitigate unwanted moisture, pests, gasses and other unwanted contaminants

Live in a Healthy Home

You spend your quality time at home. You deserve to breath in pure AIR, drink clean WATER and have safe MATERIALS and SURFACES. PRK Williams Building Group specializes in building and DESIGNING healthy homes. We can add healthy home features to your newly constructed home or to your existing home.

Pure AIR

We design our homes giving you the option to add layers of protection to improve indoor air quality. Enhancements include whole house vacuum systems, low-chemical emitting paints and flooring, air ionization systems, HEPA whole house filtration and humidity controls. Additional air quality enhancements include ERVs/HRVs to introduce fresh outdoor air and ventilate out odors in your home.


We offer several options for water service upgrades to ensure you are drinking the purest water possible. We know having pure water is a
necessity. Reach out to our Healthy Homes Team to inquire about the options available for installing water purification systems.


We incorporate the best in finish materials to add to the health of your home. We use low to zero emitting VOC products in carpeting, paint,
insulation and cabinetry. Comprehensive sealing materials significantly reduce moisture, ensuring the best protection possible against mold and moisture damage caused by condensation.

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